Extra Curricular Activities
(Open to the public)
If you are interested, please give us a call at (65) 6469 2123
to register.


Take a Bow or TAB is a speech and drama class conducted at TLH by Joanna Pilgrim.  TAB endeavors to help develop confidence in speaking and in presentation skill, also in the understanding of body language and expressions and using them appropriately.

 Fee Structure
4—6 years old: $22/session
Lessons will be conducted on Fridays at 3.30pm
2½—4 years old: $18/session
Lessons will be conducted on Wednesdays at 11.45am


Aikido is another extra-curricular activity at TLH to promote movement, agility and body coordination of the children.  Classes are conducted by aikiForest.
Fee Structure
$20/session + $40 Annual Teaching Material Fee (Approx. $190/term)
Lessons will be conducted on Thursdays at 11.45am


Our Musical Journey is a music programme that is conducted by Callin Ong who holds a LTCL (Mus) from Trinity College of Music, London. She has taught in Yamaha Music School for 11 years and Kindermusik for 7 years. Callin is currently the music teacher for 3 preschools in Singapore. She is also a piano teacher. With 24 years of teaching experience, she will show the children how to enjoy and appreciate music in a fun and simple way. Learning through play the rudiments of music.
Fee Structure
A Musical Story (N1 & N2):
$14/session for 10 sessions ($140/term)
Lessons will be conducted on Tuesdays at 11.45am

Musical Stage 1 (K1 - Term 1 & 2):
$20/session for 10 sessions + $35 materials ($235/term)
(Additional $60 for Glockenspiel in Term 2)

Musical Stage 2 (K1 - Term 3 & 4):
$20/session for 10 sessions + $35 materials ($235/term)

 Musical Stage 3 (K2 - Term 1 & 2):
$20/session for 10 sessions + $35 materials ($235/term)
(Additional $60 for Ukulele in Term 1)

 Musical Stage 4 (K2 - Term 3 & 4):
$20/session for 10 sessions + $35 materials ($235/term)
(Additional $15 for Recorder and Theory Book in Term 3)
Lessons will be conducted on Fridays from 11.45am

The Brainery_solid horizontal (Copy).jpg

The Brainery™ is the premiere provider for experiential enrichment programs in Singapore. Our core program for Robotics is relevant because of the specific future value they can bring to your child. We delivers stimulating, engaging and “light bulb moment” lessons to challenge our students to reimagine the world around them and excel in and outside the classroom. We nurture and build confident, creative and resourceful minds, and celebration innovation, collaboration and problem solving breakthroughs. Our students are aligned with the real world and has the necessary character and skills to become trailblazers of the future. The Brainery™ has produced competition winners at NJRC (National Junior Robotics Competition) and our team has also represented Singapore at WRO (World Robot Olympiad).
Fee Structure
$25/session (Approx. $250/term)
Lessons will be conducted on Mondays at 3.30pm