June 2018

We embark on the theme of Pond this term.  Over a 2 week cycle through the term, your children will take home activities, that were done in school, that are related to the theme.  We endeavour to make each activity age appropriate.

There will be no school on the following dates:
    - Monday 2 July (Youth Day)
    - Thursday & Friday 9 & 10 August (National Day)
    - Wednesday 22 August (Hari Raya Haji)
    - Friday 31 August (Teacher's Day)

A gentle reminder that "Show and Tell" is conducted by level and over several days. This will allow for better time management and greater period for discourse. This starts on 19 March 2018.

    Mondays - Nursery 1s (Born 2015)
    Tuesdays - Nursery 2s (Born 2014)
    Wednesdays - K1s (Born 2013)
    Fridays - K2s (Born 2012)

Please help your child pick an item to show. Due to time constraints, each child can only show and chat about one object.

A reminder that every child should come into school with a spare change of clothes every day.

Music and movement is held every Friday.  We would appreciate that your children are attired in shorts and tee-shirts on the day to facilitate movement.  Dresses for girls tend to hinder.

We would also like to request that you please send your children in on time each day.  Drop-off starts at 8.45am and we close the doors by 9.15am.

For those who will be celebrating their birthday from 25th June to 31st August, kindly send at least two photos of your child for each year of birth, with notations, a week before your child's scheduled birthday walk. More information will be relayed to you by the directresses as each directress is allotted a birthday to celebrate.

Please be reminded to bring the TLH bag provided by the school to your child. This is where we ask them to put all their artwork that they have created during the day.

For parents dropping and picking up their children, please drive in head first and not to back up so that the exhaust fumes do not hit the children directly. We also advise you to slow down at the roundabout of Brookvale Park, due to the near-miss accidents happening there in 2016.

We have story books in Chinese with accompanying CDs that parents can borrow for 1 week.  The library is in the office.  Please approach our Admin staff to borrow them.  Should you not be able to come to the office personally just send us an email authorising us to let your child pick one to take home.

Last day of school is the 30th August 2018. There is no extended day. There will be no catered lunch. For parents whose children are on the bus, kindly inform us in advance if you would like to bring your child/ren home with you.

Lastly but of no less importance, please ensure that the office is told of any changes in address and contact details.  This is vital for cases of emergencies.

Our warmest regards,