Principal & Head Directress

I have been at teaching in a Montessori setting for the past 30 years.  Montessori has taken me from London, to the US and then back to Singapore.
I embarked on Montessori training for a year and completed in 1990.  I went on to complete a degree in general psychology after which I felt I still wanted to work with children.  Wonderfully I am learning new things every single day.

Jorinda (March 2006)
Head Directress

I started as a secretary in the 1980s and moved on to be a Human Resources Manager in a foreign bank in the last 10 years.  After the birth of my daughter, I decided to be trained as an early childhood teacher so as to be able to spend more quality time with her.  I completed my teaching practice at The Little House Montessori.  The convivial environment has given me the motivation to stay and grow as a Montessori early childhood teacher.  Of course, the children are the greatest motivation as they present me daily with challenges and learning experiences.

Kristine (August 2008)

After earning my degree in Psychology, I was stirred by the desire to take part in the process of education.  For three years, I taught Primary 1 and 2 in the Philippines and gained experience in nurturing the mind and character of the children.  The Montessori method of teaching has opened my eyes to the beauty of allowing each child to discover and explore opportunities for learning.  This experience has now influenced me to pursue a course in the Montessori Method of Teaching which I am sure will only shape me to become a better educator.

Geraldine (October 2011)

Pursuing a double degree in Psychology and Business Administration, I am most jocund to undertake this opportunity to work in a Montessori setting. Working in The Little House (Montessori) has enabled me to gain new perspectives on providing quality education to each and every single child. Working with the children allows me to constantly give the best of myself to them and at the same time, enable them to realize their potential

Wen Hui (Ma Lao Shi)
(Jul 2008—Nov 2013) (January 2016)

I am from Shandong, China and I joined The Little House (Montessori) in July 2008.  I have undergone Montessori training as well as a Diploma in Pre-School Teaching. The diploma landed me a year of experience in teaching in a kindergarten in China. One of the many reasons for my venturing to Singapore is to increase my experience and exposure in teaching Mandarin in a multi-cultural environment.
Teaching at The Little House (Montessori) gives me the pleasure of working with children from different cultures.  They are not afraid to interact and converse with me in Mandarin.  In fact, I am pleased that they feel comfortable.  I definitely enjoy working with them while having lots of fun learning from them.

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Ann (October 2017)

After attaining my degree in Business Administration, I worked in Marketing and Business Development for over 15 years. However, in 2016, I decided to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education as it has always been my passion to work with children. 
Teaching at The Little House (Montessori) has allowed me to grow both as an educator and a person; seeing the potential in each child and helping them learn to achieve skills that will enable them to become independent and successful individuals.

Azman (July 2010)
School Bus Driver

Vincy (March 2012)
School Cleaner

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Roy (March 2018)

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May (March 2018)
Bus Auntie & School Cleaner

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Zoey (March 2018)
Bus Auntie