About Us

We are a team of experienced educators dedicated to applying a Montessori-style education to ensure your child grows up to be creative and independent.

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What we are providing

To consult means to give advice. That is what we're aiming to do, to give advice to parents regarding their child's life education. However, HOW we'll advice will be slightly different . We will not just tell you what to do, but rather help you achieve it.

Our goal is to create a Montessori, home schooling environment outside of a Montessori school to further develop your child's life education. 

Here are a few examples of how we will help you achieve that:

  • Teach you about Montessori education, as well as our own teaching methods tried and tested through the years.

  • Suggest activities your child can do independently.

  • Discuss any differences with how your child behaves in and out of the school.

    • does your child just simply not listen?

    • does you child cry at everything?

If you are interested in our consulting services, please call (65) 6469-2123 to book an appointment. 

Days Available
Monday - Friday  9am-5pm