Enhancing body strength, agility, and the mind while having fun.

TP Explorer
The mount where the children usually gather and chat; some even play pretend as Star Wars cast with their “light saber” in their hands and the top as the tip of their castle.

The full view of the Explorer.

Designed for the children to climb, rappel, and slide. Helps in muscle building, balance.

This is where the children get to mingle with each other, interact and learn.

A variety of equipment for the children to play with. You can get a glimpse of the Trampoline and the sandbox which the children enjoy tremendously.

See Saw


The children just love to jump and the feel the flight.  More importantly they are helping their vestibular stimulation which brings about better balance.


The Red Bike


Police Car

Wheel Barrows

Bits and Pieces


Water Play Area

Balancing Disk