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If you are interested, please give us a call at (65) 6469 2123
to make an appointment.

Movements Programme

Lets your child:
Build coordination & Posture
Learn easy self-defence
Practice falling safely
Enjoy fun group games
Train Strong mind

4½—6 years old: Thursday 11.45am—12.45pm
3—4 years old: Thursday 11.45am—12.30pm
* $40 is only collected on the fourth session.
Course fee is only $180.00
There will be 10 sessions per term (one session each week).  There will be no make up classes if class happens to fall on a holiday.  Instead, fees will be prorated depending on sessions.

Weekly Lesson Fee  

Uniform (after the 4th session)                                               S$40.00

Total cost (Children of TLH)