How TLH is Different

What sets us apart from the others?

We liken ourselves to preparing the child with life experiences.  We realise that at the end of the day that piece of paper that acknowledges you have attained a certain level in academia will only take you so far in the working and social world.  We want our children to be equipped with life skills like leadership, sportsmanship, team playing abilities, empathy, worldliness, and above all self-confidence.


Our Professionalism
Our absolute goal is to help all the children in our care succeed.  It may be socially or academically when hope is bleak.


Inclusion: We are inclusive
Our children learn acceptance and those who have special needs learn that there can be a gentle and knowledgeable world away from the loving environment their parents have set up for them.  We start inclusion when the child has begun therapy and when their therapists say they are ready.  We do not breach the 1:20 ratio.

We are tenacious in our curiosity and pursuit of excellence.  If a child needs extra help, we leave no stone unturned to find out new methods and theories that may help.  We are fully committed to the Montessori method of teaching but are fully aware that technology has progressed, giving us better insight to how children learn and succeed.

Role Modelling
We are constantly striving to better ourselves to model the posture to learning.  Pleases and thank yous are just as important to the directresses of The Little House as the alphabet.

We really do cook.  Every single child cooks their own dish.  On cooking days, 60 little pots of food are taken home, all individually done and labelled.  It is the ultimate in Montessori learning.

Music and Movement
It is not a haphazard jumble of activities thrown together to pass the time.  This is our opportunity to observe intensely, how well your child's left and right brain are working as one.  By weekly creating unique obstacle courses that challenge your children to stretch their muscles and fine tune their balance, we achieve a much more oiled machine to work with when we attempt the academic “stuff”.

Science Experiments
It is a “magical” lesson except that with this show, we tell you exactly how it happens.  We touch on as many aspects as we can: light, air, magnetism, chemistry and water.  To quote our parents, “We only learnt this in Secondary school!”

Years of Experience
There really is very little to beat experience.  Our combined number of years teaching is 62 years.

We do not write report cards for your child
They are far too individual to have a standard report card written about them.  We relate observations we note down from the many hours we work with them.  We set aside 20 minutes at each teacher/parent conference for each of your children and we discuss their strengths and where we can see them improve.