Extended Day Prep

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When you know your child is ready:

We will usually tell you when your child is ready both academically and in maturity.  This usually happens at around 4½ years.

What to bring or send for enrollment:

You will now be asked to prepare lunch for your child or join the catered lunch programme. It is the only extra thing we will require.  Most children arrive in the morning with a tiffin, bento or thermos if they have hot food prepared for them. If you live in the neighbourhood, you can make use of the lunchtime drop off basket placed at the door to deliver food later in the morning.

How to prepare your child for separation:


1. Just simply highlight that the directresses think that your child is ready to do a full day and to join the older children.

2. That we will have another child show him/her the ropes to the lunchtime routine.

This is what we provide for your children during lunch:

· 1 or 2 bowl/s
1 plate
 1 set of cutlery
1 placemat