Fees Structure

Residents of Brookvale Park get a 15% off of fees for each child

Morning sessions — 2½ to 6 years
S$3150.00 / term / 10 weeks

We run Monday through Friday.  Should you like to start with 3 running days a week, the fees will remain the same as we do not offer the place to another child when your child is not in attendance. 

All day sessions — 4½ to 6 years
S$3950.00 / term / 10 weeks

School Fees at other centres for your quick reference
Etonhouse (Vanda)
Etonhouse (Zhonghua Preschool)
Etonhouse (Upper Bukit Timah)
Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten
Montessori for Children

The child that evolves from the morning session becomes ready for a longer period of concentration. This is when the child becomes the “general” after having risen through the ranks.

Term Fee Increments
We will endeavor to implement the fee increase only every two years depending on the country’s economy.

Early morning drop-off before 8.45am. 
Late pick-up after 12.15pm.

These can be arranged as we fully understand that there are times when you need to get to an unscheduled appointment.
8.00-8.45am              drop-off is charged at $5.00.
12.15-12.45pm              pick-up is charged at $5.00.

Shadow Parenting
Shadow parenting is a session/s for you (the parent).  It was something asked of us by interested parents who wanted to continue The Little House culture at home.  We try to cover ideas and suggestions to continue the training of independence, getting a child to perform without tantrums etc.  Sessions are carried out at school.

If you want to find out more please email tlhmoffice@gmail.com or ring 64692123

Personalised Chauffeur
We now have our own transport covering the Bukit Timah (Farrer Rd), Holland, Dover and West Coast area.
Our bus is newly retrofitted with front facing seats, three point seat belts and we have booster seats for all.
Termly fee (subject to change):
$1000 (return)
$750 (one way)

Note: Nine children for break even in a ten seater bus.  Cost is variable depending on the number of children on the bus run.  This transport is organised not for profit.
Services includes
Personalised trips within time schedules for those who stay for extra curricular activities.
Getting your children home if they are ill.