Montessori Curriculum

Honing the visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustory senses.

Self discipline
Balancing the red rods


Orderliness and Diligence

Pink Tower and Broad Stair-Wall making.
Understanding processes and patterns.

Practical Life

Practicing life skills.  We have 10 weeks worth of activities.  They get to handle knives, chopsticks, hammers and nails.

How to use chopsticks - Step 1

How to use chopsticks - Step 2

How to use chopsticks - Step 3


Spatial awareness and finger dexterity

Done weekly

Making apple pancakes from scratch.

They grated their own apples, mixed up the batter, fried up their own pancakes.

This is done under the watchful eye of a directress who stands behind every child who is cooking.

Done weekly

We chat to them about the physical and social aspects of geography; moving from the global to particular countries and from the globe to particular landforms found on the earth.

Discussing Japan (above) and then colouring in on a map each country we discuss (below).  Food of the culture usually also accompany the sessions.

Science Experiments
Done weekly

Testing for starch with iodine in food and other items like plastic, paper and metal.

A sheet describing the experiment goes back with them each week after the experiment.

Done daily

Spelling is easy once you learn both the sounds and the shapes of words.

Teaching with terminology cards. 

Done daily

We are different also in our openness to materials that are not necessarily Montessori but have a similar concept.  This board above is very much like the golden beads 100 chain.

From concrete...

To abstract.

Self-satisfaction = self-confidence

Music and Movements
Done weekly

Our children learn teamwork and spatial awareness.

Moving the tables and chairs in readiness for music and movement. 

Communication is taught through practice with working as a team.