Entry Requirements

When you know your child is ready:

a. They will be expected to know comprehend prepositions, i.e. in, on, under and beside.
b. Your child can demonstrate the ability to follow instructions.
c. Parents’ understanding and acceptance of our basic goals and expectations.
d. Your child being fully toilet independent.

What to bring or send for enrolment:

1. A copy of your child’s birth certificate.
2. 2 holiday snaps of your child; close up preferable.
3. Your filled in Baby Bonus Account GIRO form if you are planning to use it.  Click HERE for the forms.

How to prepare your child for separation:


1. Explain to your child what you will be doing during school hours.  Emphasise your customary activity, including work outside the home.
2. Explain what to do about going to the bathroom at school.
3. Here is how lunch is organised by the children.
4. Answer all your child’s questions about school honestly.
5. Explain how long the kindergarten day is.
6. Explain carefully how your child will get to and from school.
7. Tell your child where you will be when kindergarten is over.
8. Too much discussion can create anxiety.  Let your child initiate conversation about kindergarten.


1. Don’t build up the first day in your child’s mind as if it were a tremendous event. Be eager for your child, but don’t continually bring it into your conversation.  Let your child bring it up.  Treat going to kindergarten as normal occurrence.
2. Don’t allow older siblings or neighbours to worry your child about school.
3. Don’t be overly anxious.  Your anxiety is contagious and will reflect in your child.
4. On the first day of school, don’t stay in your child’s classroom or hallway.  Follow the teacher’s lead according to the pre-discussed separation plan.  If you walk your child to school, say “good-bye” at the classroom door.  Don’t linger.  If your child takes a bus, say “good-bye” at the bus stop.
5. Don’t let your child feel there is a choice about going to school.  Don’t engage in discussions about it.  Be natural, but firm in tone.  Be supportive and reassuring.  You have decided your child is ready.  Trust your instincts.

First Day of Term List:

In a rucksack please place a set of clothes (2 if the child is going through toilet training).
Proper shoes or sandals that they can get on and off easily.  Please see pictures below.