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Our son Jesse has been in this fantastic establishment for over 4 years. The warmth and professionalism of the staff really is a joy and Jesse loves to go to school everyday. I have been particularly impressed by the multi-cultural integrity of the school, and the genuine commitment and enthusiasm of all the teachers and proprietor to engage and help each student individually. The end of year school performance each year is a true highlight!!!! It will be a sad day in a few weeks time when he moves on, but sure he will cherish the memories of his time in this very special place, and we, as parents would warmly recommend to any prospective students/ parents.  Graduated Dec 2015

Our daughter has attended two other pre-schools prior to The Little House, so we can confidently say that this place is truly special. It is a tight-knit community of outstandingly committed teachers with very low turnover (a problem at many other pre-schools!) and a lovely multicultural mix of students. We also love the school's premises - an airy main room with open doors and windows to the garden and playground, as well as dedicated areas for various purposes.

We did not choose this school specifically for the Montessori method, but after witnessing this unique and extremely effective approach to learning we are convinced that this is one of the best ways to build a strong foundation and guide young children into the world of reading, writing and understanding numbers. Every child receives one-to-one attention and is allowed to learn at his or her individual pace. At this school, learning is made fun which in our opinion is the best gift you could give to your child. As a result, we are extremely confident that our daughter will have no problems whatsoever with the transition to primary school. In fact, her reading, writing and maths skills are above average for her age. Another strength of the school is the Mandarin programme which is conducted by native Chinese teachers. We have been thoroughly impressed with the advanced level of our daughter's Mandarin which she picked up solely at this school. The reason why I am emphasizing all these is not because I am overly concerned with her academic performance (not at this young age anyway), but because I have heard some other parents being worried about whether a pre-school with such strong Montessori philosophy would be a good preparation for local primary school. The answer is absolutely yes! In fact, Singapore needs many more schools like Little House!

The curricular activities are rounded off by attention to character development and conveying a strong sense of community and teamwork to the children. Then there are the many wonderful traditions at the school that we have come to cherish over the years - the birthday walk, show & tell, Thursday's cooking class, the yearly Deepavali field trip to Little India (amongst many other regular field trips) and many more. We are fortunate to have discovered Little House, a true gem in the Sunset Way neighbourhood, and are already looking forward to enrol our second child in the 2017 intake.  
Graduated Dec 2015

We sent our daughter here for four years and we would unhesitatingly recommend it to any parent looking for a superb, well-balanced environment for their children.

The staff are truly well-trained, and genuinely warm and caring. With the Montessori method, the children are given individual attention and learn at their own pace in a fun environment. The method ensures that each concept is firmly grasped before the child moves onto the next topic -- nothing is forced onto the child before he/she is ready. I was impressed with the high standards of Mandarin taught and as far as math, reading and writing are concerned, I have no doubt my child will breeze through most of Primary 1.

The children are not coddled; they're encouraged to be curious, to figure things out themselves, and to ask if they have questions. Children are introduced to different countries and cultures. They learn to cook little dishes. They build confidence with their weekly show-and-tells, and the open mic at the year-end concerts. If there are playground arguments, they are taught to express their feelings and resolve issues politely. They do science experiments; I was very pleasantly surprised to have my six-year old talk to me about condensation and evaporation. They're encouraged to go out and play and climb and they're taught it's fine to fall down and get a little sweaty and dirty

We loved the multiculturalism in the school; on one occasion, when the kids were taught how to react when they are unable to catch what someone has said, they role-played the situation in English and Mandarin, and one of the kids covered it in French, which I thought was awesome. The high teacher-to-student ratio ensured that teachers were able to give each child individual attention and form close, nurturing relationships.

We also liked their involvement with charities. It gave the kids an opportunity to learn that it is a privilege to be able to help the less fortunate, and gave the parents an opportunity to support those in need.

The school will provide a firm foundation for further education but what we think makes it stand out, and what we are most grateful for, is the time spent teaching the children self-confidence, self-control, respect for others and social etiquette. For example, one of the (many) lessons was about how to interrupt a conversation politely, another involved teaching the children how holding the door open is a polite and thoughtful act. The school considers social skills an important part of a child's development, and I have noticed that kids from The Little House Montessori are generally polite, kind, respectful and well-adjusted, while still maintaining their own individual, independent personalities.

We cannot thank Katherine and the other teachers at The Little House Montessori enough for what they have done for our child. 
Graduated Dec 2015

Four years ago, I was looking around for pre-schools for my nearly 3year old son, Robbie.  At that stage, I was mainly seeking a school that could take account of Robbie's various allergies and knew how to deal with an allergy attack.  As Robbie would be adjusting to changes at home (the arrival of his little sister Ava), I was also hoping to place him in a warm and nurturing environment.  The bigger pre-schools we met him, fell short of that first and most important pre-requisite, either because of lack of awareness of allergies or because they preferred the easier solution of letting the child with allergies sit out of certain activities.  A few friends then suggested I try this little pre-school in Clementi.  True to its name, The Little House Montessori was a tiny kindergarten tucked at the end of Sunset Way.  I quickly realised, however, that this little school punched way above its weight as far as pre-schools were concerned.  My first thought upon entering the school was how quiet and orderly it was.  The children were all busy with various different activities and moved around independently and with purpose.  When I spoke to a few of the children, I was impressed by their confidence and good manners.  It was evident that they had been taught to respect their surroundings and their fellow classmates at the school.  To my relief, unlike my earlier school encounters, the principal of The Little House Montessori, Katherine Sebastian understood and appreciated my concerns for Robbie's allergies.  She offered to make changes to the school to make it allergy-free for Robbie, rather than the "avoid or sit-out" approach of other schools.  Katherine also undertook to brief each of her teachers individually on how to deal with an allergy attack should Robbie have one.

My husband and I decided to enrol Robbie into The Little House Montessori based on that first great encounter with the school.  We knew from our first meeting with Katherine and her team of teachers that Robbie would be in safe hands.  Besides keeping him happy and healthy at school, over the next few years, we watched as our son came home bubbling with all the knowledge he had learnt at school.  He loved learning about different countries and continents with Miss Kristine and continually surprised us with his progress in literacy.   Robbie even managed to become fluent in Mandarin despite neither of his parents speaking the language.  Perhaps most importantly, Robbie turned out to be a caring and responsible big brother to his little sister Ava, partly I am sure because of the Montessori system.   Not surprisingly, we enrolled Ava into The Little House Montessori as soon as she was old enough to attend pre-school.  Transition for her was as easy as it was for Robbie.  It was lovely to see both our kids enjoy going to school.

When we moved to Sydney earlier this year, I was happily surprised at how quickly both children settled into their respective schools and how confident they were in their new surroundings.  A few of their teachers have also commented on this and have asked if the kids were previously in a Montessori pre-school/kindergarten.  I think its a credit to Katherine and her teaching staff that the Montessori style was so evident in Robbie and Ava.