Take A Bow
(Open to the public)

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Take A Bow provides specialist services in the area of performing arts focused mostly to local and international Schools and Kindergartens in Singapore.

TAB endeavors to help develop confidence in speaking and in presentation skill, also in the understanding of body language and expressions and using them appropriately.

Each course can be tailor made to your requirements.

5 Areas covered

Warm Up
Text work
Speech & Vocal


Warm Up Make Children comfortable, bring energy levels up, and warm up body and vocals.

Text work Familiarise Children with different types of text, practice reading skills and develop stories.

Speech & Vocal Speech in order to practice, articulation, clarity, pronunciation, projection, forward placing and memory techniques.  Vocal to expand vocal range and register also to learn vocal technique.

Movement Make use of bodies rather than voice.  Listening to Music and learning to respond to direction.  Explore physicality and be more expressive.

Improvisation Allow the Children to think on their feet and react to different situations.  The Children play a variety of characters they will come across in everyday life.

Class Schedule

4—6 years old: Tuesday 3.15—4.15pm ($22/session)

2½—4 years old: Wednesday 11.45am—12.15pm ($17/session)

There will be 10 sessions per term (one session each week).  No make up classes are held if regular sessions are missed due to holidays.  Fees are prorated according to the number of sessions.